My reason for absence

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I haven’t been on here on a long time, and its partly because as soon as I set any sort of schedule or routine to something creative it becomes a chore. And that’s annoying because a blog, especially such a laid back blog, should never be deemed laborious. That’s one reason. The other is that I’ve finished college and I’ve stopped having daily philosophy classes and discussions and my mind has been extracted somewhat from the realm of philosophy in general. That isn’t to say entirely because I believe I am internally philosophical somewhat. In no pretentious way at all. At all. Because, I think most people are.

So where am I going with this.. well I suppose that I want to inform everyone that in the near future (an annoying phrase I know!) I aim to vamp this blog up and make it something I am proud of. This is a selfish blog. I write about my feelings, my thoughts, opinions and I do it to a small percentage in the hope of validating these thoughts by hopefully receiving some sort of feedback. I also want to connect to people who share similar views. So indeed this blog will hopefully become far more interactive.

I know when I go onto a blog site, such as this one I split my time 60:40; being others blogs (60) and mine (40). So to maximise my enjoyment of this site I would absolutely love to have some sort of interaction with the blogs that are so glorious and so articulately written that they steal my mind for a few moments and fill it with meticulously thought out thoughts.. that belonged originally to another human.

To anyone feeling lost.

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Nothing within you is ever lost. If you ever feel like you’ve lost who you are, you haven’t, it’s just fallen apart. All the bits are there, but they’re not together so they’re not functioning properly. It’s like a jigsaw in a jar. It can begin perfect, all pieced together but a little knock to that jar and the pieces fall apart, some might remain in clumps and that’s what remains of ‘you’. You might remain kind and caring and opinionated but loose confidence and personality. You haven’t lost it, they’re just not pieced together yet, but they will be. The jar is your skull, containing your brain, all you need to do is get the pieces together, get them functioning. But you’re never lost, gone, empty. You’re always there you’re just not always working as a unit. All it takes is combing the pieces into a more confident you, a more content you. It can take time, but during that time, don’t loose hope, hope isn’t something that relies on a jigsaw piece, it’s external of the puzzle, and it’s what’ll fix the puzzle.

I know I’ve been absent for a while, sorry, I also know this isn’t my usual type of post, again sorry.

If I could would I actually turn you atheist?

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‘Want to come to church with us tomorrow morning Sarah?’ ‘no.. sorry’ I replied. Sorry? Why am I sorry? I’m a perpetual atheist and hold strong beliefs against the idea of ‘religion’. I mean surely my well rounded parents of intellect can understand that their Christian beleifs have been determined by the culture they’ve grown up in. If they’d been born in china they’d be Buddhists if they’d been born in India they’d most probably be a Hindu. I told my parents this but they said ‘well.. Lucky I’ve been born in England then!’. Now there’s a lot I have a problem with about that reply. 1. They’ve not explored other religions, or the hundreds of other gods 2. They are pretty much admitting they’d be a different religion if born in a different country, surely undermining the omnipotent quality of god, I mean he’s really not powerful enough to penetrate manmade culturalisation?

I like to think debating and philosophy are, in comparison to my other qualities, the strongest ones I have, so, I often debate with my theistic, Christian parents. But there comes a point where I begin to feel bad, after I’ve shut down point after point and the only argument standing is ‘god works I’m mysterious ways’ not only do I want to hit my head repeatedly against a hard wall but I also want to hug my parents and almost apologise. Its because I know their beliefs, although dillusional, are so very close to their hearts. I know that’s where their hope that everything will be ok lies. I know preying (a concept that has numerous flaws, such as relying on an occasionally intervening, non perfect god) offers the a source of comfort. And I, their daughter am attacking this? Surely it’s wrong, in any sense, to tear away someones comfort blanket, even if they should’ve grown out of it.